Sunday, January 22, 2012

Apoc Codex - Basic Tools

We've started up a new system of filling up our blog with information- the Apoc Codex. Basically, we're going to take a tour around Apocalyptic's features, items, enemies, concepts and other related content so you can get an idea of what to expect of the game. This first issue is of the simple "Basic Tools", but they have more than meets the eye...

The Axe Tool
The "Basic Tools" of Apocalyptic are the Axe and Sledge Hammer. This is subject to change later though, especially if new resources are introduced which would need a more varied item system. Like games such as Minecraft, the Axe is for chopping down trees. The Sledge Hammer is for breaking open items, like crates and old furniture/burnt out vehicles for scrap metal or other items. Unlike Minecraft, you cannot obtain these resources without a tool. Further unlike Mine craft, these tools are readily available at the start of the game.

Each tool has three levels, and can be upgraded later in the game to be more efficient. Basic Tools can never break. The levels start at Scrap Tool, to Well Built Tool, and then Master Crafted Tool. Upgrading tools will require extra resources and the Basic Tools Upgrade Bench.

These tools will be preceded later in the game by the Advanced Tools, which are still being decided on. Stay tuned for more Codex updates!

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