Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Apocalyptic 0.22 Changelog

Finally up to date again- here's the 0.22 changelog. 0.23 SHOULD be downloadable... it is meant only for testers, but others can have a look too. Don't download it if you're expecting a full game though. :)

Changes (0.22):

- Lowered map size down to 6500x6500.
- Added Barricade block model and object.
- Added Barricade visual to Build Menu.
- Changed Pre-Set Wall Blocks to switch to Game Grid on start, meaning the player can build in line with them.
- Added Blood effect on Bullet Hit.
- Heavy modification of default Road graphic.
- Adjusted default resolution to 1024x768.
- Adjusted HUD objects to fit within new resolution.
- Massive improvement to Civ AI. It now is capable of much more accurate pathfinding and can walk through houses without much issues.
- Disabled Solid property to Trees and Crates. Improves AI a bit- they no longer freeze the game trying to find a way past them.
- Improved Civilian AI- they now move seperately, rather than waiting for a global timer.
- Added Civilian AI failcheck- they now choose another path to another location if they fail to find a path to their original destination.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Apocalyptic 0.13 to 0.14 Changelog

I've been neglecting to update this blog, sorry about that. But rest assured, I'm still working on Apocalyptic. Although version 0.14 and 0.15 were finished awhile ago, I never posted a changelog. Rather than go a on a massive talk about what was done, here's a change log that summerises what was added on it:

- Edited SMGwalking placeholder graphic to look more complete.
- Added enemy, Stalker (follows player, doesn't attack yet, animation a little glitched)
- Added new Enemy event group.
- Changed Wall building so it uses the more advanced 3DWall2 object.
- The old wall events are now for the Fort Wall object, for protection of base perimiter.
- Added Rotten Wood material.
- Changed placeholder music to a new placeholder, is a bit better to listen to.
- Reversed Right Click and Left Click build and placement for Workstation. Planning to replace "workstation" anyway.
- Added Stalker HP and death effects.
- Implemented MagiCam plug-in into Apocalytpic.
- Added advanced camera follow.
- Added screen shake when firing weapons.
- Added screen shake when zombie dies.
- Added new tool/weapon status screen. (At top, cycles through weapons currently)
- Changed map size to 10000x10000
- Corrected some map generation issues.
- Added SMG sound.
- Added Stalker hit sound.
- Removed the Command Flag. Flags will no longer be used.
- Removed NPC Grunt temporarily.
- Added new NPC (Military Soldier)
- Stalkers now also attack Soldiers.
- Welcome back scanlines.
- Added Road object.
- Added Pistol weapon.
- Added Knife placeholder.
- Added Zez Sword placeholder.
- Added new outline effects to all 3D objects.
- Re-added new Wall object. Towns are built with these.
- Added new ambient haze effect.
- Added Weapon HUD, replaced Health HUD.

- Major changes to Zombie AI. AI now seems to not flicker animations, charges more smoothly and follows target better.
- Slight improvement to Gun AI- it now stops and shoots rather than paces randomly. Also removed most flickering.

The current version is now 0.22, due to some odd mix ups. I'll post that changelog soon.