Wednesday, August 29, 2012

0.231 Changelog

 Here's what's happened in the 0.231 version. This is slightly out of date, and a lot more has been put in since then, including a complete change on how the world is handled. The AI also was a false alarm- the darn thing is stuffing up again on the new map type.

Changes (0.231):

- Temporary Zombie AI tweak that seems to have fixed the performance problem when they attempt to attack a target. Seems a bit too easy though...
- Changed Stalker name to Walker.
- Added blood hit effect when Walkers attack a NPC.
- Added Ambient Lights to level.
- Replaced old events for adding objects to Personal Inventory with new Function based events, preparing for furniture and multiple inventories in different objects.
- Added new Inventory Selector graphic, white box around items in P. Inventory.
- IS graphic now only appears over used inventory slots.
- Rebuilt Main Menu to a 2D scene, removed 3D buttons in favour for more modern text buttons.
- Large amounts of work on the Main Menu scene. A city now burns with pixilated fire, while choppers and fighter craft desperately fire missiles into the zombie fray below.
- Added simple explosion to Main Menu scene.
- Added Consume functions to the Consume Button.
- Restricted Stats to 200 max.