Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Facebook page!

Don't forget to check out the Technical Byte Games Facebook page! Drop in and give us a "like", because you know you want daily-ish updates...

New screenshots 21/12/11

Well we're getting closer to Christmas, which means more working and less procrastination. Why? Because I plan to have the first release of Pixel Dirt out by then! Hooray! Aaaaaand screenies:

The big decision

I've decided to use this as my "active" site, where I post news, pictures and videos regularly, while my Yola site will have main pages for contact, about me, and the game pages etc. So I'm going to get a lot more active with my posts, so expect far more content!

Remember to follow this blog, which means I'll be far more motivated to get lot's of shiny new things posted!