Space Conquest REMIX

Space Conquest REMIX is an upcoming open world sci fi shoot em up with an emphasis on quick gameplay and epic battles. It is set in the Epic Universe, during the Orizon War- only decades after the Apocalyptic. The Orizon are powerful cyberneticlly enhanced aliens out on a conquering spree, but the Alliance has taken a stand.

As stated, this game is about SPEED- this isn't a hardcore simulation. While it does retain some features like that (subsystem damage, energy usage etc) the game overall has a very arcade feel about it. The game will feature many different races, and even more ships, each armed with unique weaponary and equipment.

Planned features:

- A single open universe map with generated solar systems and other structures.
- Two "major" races with dynamic AI- they colonize, invade and battle with a brain.
- Many "minor" races, some of which own single planets. Purchase or capture their ships!
- Tons of different warships that the player can buy- build em, buy em or capture em.
- Manage your own empire- purchase or colonize planets to build your own fleet.
- Awesome graphics- sorta.


- None yet, still in heavy development. Check back soon!

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