Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New 3D Models

Two new models added to Technical Byte's resource banks, by yours truely. Actually, this is my first attempt at real modeling, so yea.

These two models aren't actually FOR anything, just made for the hell of it. They are related to the Epic Universe though, so they do play their part. Perhaps I could use them in a proper 3D game one day, if I ever gain the skills.

If you want me to make some similar models for you, send an email to TByteGames@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do.

- E-Alliance Space Intercepor (One of the first space based fighter craft, the Interceptors never saw any real combat):

- E-Alliance Nova Carrirer (A unique ship in that only one was ever fielded. It was the first space carrier prototype, but the concept was scrapped in favour of larger frigate sized ships. It wasn't until later stages of the Orizon War that carriers were reintroduced.):

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New REMIX Screenshots

More screenshots, marking version 0.01 Pre-Alpha. This is the first phase, if finished, and I'll put a download up when we get to Alpha. I've increased the effects quality of all the lasers, explosions and general smoke effects. The aliens also now have a working beam cannon, as shown by the last screenshot.

Monday, May 7, 2012

REMIX Update

I've put alot of effort into turning REMIX into the best looking space game I've ever made. One aspect that is still lacking is the background, which is a simple blurred image, but as soon as I figure out an alternative I'll be on it.

So far, I've finished the basic AI for both sides. Each side has a few ships programmed so far, the Alliance having;

- Corvette: A fast, single turret ship carrying a deadly Vorak Cannon.
- Frigate: A ship designed to combat the Orizon warships, armed with two railguns and a Vorak Cannon.
- Gun Frigate: A weaker ship armed with several railguns, however is weak against Orizons.

The Orizons themselves have super heavy ships, boasting weapons that tear through Alliance ships quickly.

- Raider: Comparable to a corvette, the raider is fast and armed with a Orizon pulse laser, able to take on Gun Frigates with ease.
- Frigate: The Orizon frigate is armed with three heavy laser cannons and a beam cannon, and is a deadly opponent. Not many Alliance ships can fight this one, and generally a small fleet is required.
- Beam Frigate: The beam frigate carriers two beam cannons, giving it excellent fire support capability. It is designed to take out smaller vessels with a single salvo. It's downside is that it is slow.

Corvette/Raider AI works, as they tend to continually move through a firefight (as they still utalize forward mounted weapons) while capital ships such as frigates stop after reaching and enemy and trade fire. Capital ship combat will be all about who has the biggest shields.

Right now I'm working on creating a new system for universe generation. Instead of simply spawning planets randomly about the map, I've decided to go for something experimental and generate planets within systems, with suns. It will provide more realistic gameplay, and will add extra elements like in-system combat and the long distances between the solar systems.

After that, I'm going to attempt to create ships and AI that attack other worlds, which will create a much more dynamic universe.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is some new REMIX screenshots! Enjoy!

Epic Universe- um, what is it?

Well, you might be wondering that. Epic Universe is the, ahem, universe which pretty much all of my games are based within. A bit like Star Wars is set within it's own universe, as well as Star Trek etc. Obviously mine doesn't compete with them, but it's basically a long history of events, ranging from the Apocalyptic War (guess which game stars in it), to the great battles between the Alliance, Terran Empire and pretty much everyone else.

When I make my games, 95% are experimental games. So, they were not designed to be finished. Rather, just to test out new ideas, or simply to have some fun. Apocalyptic is not one of those, for it is the first I plan to finish- someday. Anyway, here's a interesting timeline of games I have developed in the past (which oddly begins with the first game I ever created)...

Space Conquest

The original game. In fact, my first game I ever made. And really, it isn't worth sharing, except for that it was the game that started all this. The concept of Space Conquest was simple- a small universe, with two planets at either end, each spawning ships from each side. The player can fly about in his cruiser, blasting away at aliens and collecting the remains to gain credits.

It was basic, yet for some reason I enjoy playing it. Perhaps it was the unintentional simplicity- but I won't really ever know. I also created the Alliance and Orizon factions, although I didn't realise it then.

It wasn't finished, but playable.

Star Marine 

Star Marine was a simple top down shooter that put the player in the shoes of a Wolf- cybernetically enhanced warriors that fought for the Terran Empire. The game put the player in an invasion of a unnamed planet. Once again, the game was unbearably plain and simple, but still oddly fun.

The game taught me a lot about AI, although it was simply just turret style combat with spawning areas to give the sensation that the battle was moving.

I finished the menus, and the first level, but I stopped developing after that.

Epic Universe (Project FREEDOM)

The first of the actual series- Epic Universe was a ambitious game that was meant to be a giant open world world simulator with dynamic empires and lots of, well, freedom. Safe to say, it became fairly obvious pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be able to finish the game. I did learn a fair deal however, and it was the first of my experimental releases.

The game wasn't finished, but included AI that could colonize planets and then send patrol ships. The combat never worked well.

Star Marine II

Technically this game was finished- and, also, technically it wasn't "Star Marine II". The game was a basic sort of tower defense, with the player controlling a Wolf. Zombie style characters then approached from the East, and the player could construct turrets and stuff to stop them. It was dull, not interesting, and didn't really teach me anything I didn't know.

Still, it was the first game I technically finished, so yeah.

Space Conquest II

It was meant to include all my new ideas and knowledge to create the game I always wanted to. However, a frustrating issue with AI led me to cancel it. I did learn a hell of a lot though- the player could buy new ships, mine asteroids, a working tractor beam system and cargo holds, and even a dynamic economy that changed by itself, meaning that a basic sort of "trading" was possible.

With my knowledge now, I could actually move to finish the game. However, it is old, and I figure that my new projects will simply become better quality anyway.


Yep. It may be a zombie survival game, but it's still set in the time of Epic Universe. Actually, it's set before any of that space ship stuff, but still plays a pivital role in the story. I won't reveal anything more now...

The game is still in active development by me, and I hope to finish it soon.

Pixel Space

It's also a game that doesn't really suit the Epic Universe style. It's still early, but the concept is that the player builds his own ship from blocks rather than buying whole ones. The rest is still undecided. Oh yeah, it's also a platformer.

It's also still in development.

Space Conquest REMIX

My latest test game, REMIX is a direct remake of the first. Rather than making a whole new game, I'm attempting to remake the first with better graphics, effects, sounds and new features/gameplay, while still keeping the original style of quick blast everything in sight style gameplay. First I was simply replacing graphics, but now it has gone further than that, and I'm adding lot's of extra gameplay so that it may possibly come into par with my dream of Epic Universe.

I've only just started this project, and as an experimental game, I doubt I'll actually finish it. But you never know.