Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stargotchi Ship List (Alpha)

Here's a early list of the ships that are going to be in Stargotchi (player owned). I've left out the bonus ones, and also there may be unique ships that you can engage in combat. Erm. Well, still prototyping here anyway... giant list: assemble!

1: (Star Trek) Type 6 Shuttle Craft
2: (Babylon 5) Thunderbolt
3: (BSG) Viper MKII
4: (BSG) Cylon Raider
5: (Star Wars) TIE Fighter
6: (Star Wars) X-Wing
7: (Star Wars) Slave-1
8: (Star Gate) F-203
9: (Star Gate) Gateship

10: (Star Trek) Danube Runabout
11: (Star Trek) Romulan Shuttle
12: (Star Trek) Vulcan Shuttle
12: (Star Wars) Lambada Shuttle
13: (Star Wars) Millennium Falcon
14: (Star Gate) Tel'tak Shuttle
15: (Star Gate) Ori Assualt Shuttle

16: (Star Trek) Constitution Class
17: (Star Trek) Intrepid Class
18: (Star Trek) Defiant Class
19: (Star Trek) NX Class
20: (BSG) Colonial One
21: (BSG) Colonial Mover
22: (Star Wars) Corellian Corvette
23: (Star Wars) Nebulan-B Frigate
24: (Star Gate) USS Prometheus
25: (Star Gate) Daedulas Class

26: (Star Trek) Akira Class
27: (Star Trek) Galaxy Class
28: (Star Trek) Sovereign Class
29: (Star Trel) D'kre Class
30: (Star Trek) Galor Class
31: (Star Trek) Tactical Cube
32: (Star Trek) Dominion Dreadnought
33: (Farscape) Pantak Class
34: (Star Wars) Trade Federation Battleship
35: (Star Wars) Home One
36: (Star Wars) Mon Calamari Starship
37: (Star Wars) Star Destroyer
39: (Star Wars) Venator Class
40: (BSG) BS Galactica
41: (BSG) Cylon Basestar
42: (Star Gate) Hatak
43: (Star Gate) O'Neil Class
44: (Star Gate) Ancients Aurora Class

As you can see, there's going to be mixed ships from tons of different sci fi series. I'm hoping there will be excitement in pitting a Star Destroyer against the Enterprise.

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