Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reality check...

Alright, I've started getting this page out and about, so I figure I should get back to updating it. Technical Byte Games has evolved much since our last visit to this cobweb covered website. So lets get down to buisiness.

Can Stargotchi, by the way. That was an accident just waiting to happen. Anyway, we've got ourselves set on a major next project- Apocalyptic, a top down monochromatic sandbox zombie survival game. That was a mouth full.

And to prove that we're not chickening out again, we have a page up for it here:

We HAVE been working on it for a fair while now. And we are working towards the first release, but we want it to at least work before 0.1. We will be doing some epic news sharing on the blog, so stay tuned!

Oh yes, did I mention we've hired a graphics artist? That means the game will be barable to play.

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