Saturday, September 17, 2011


The current "main" projects of Technical Byte Games are:
- Epic Universe V1
- Apocalyptic

I've also been working on an odd side project- this is going to sound weird, so bear with me. Stargotchi takes a little bit of virtual PC tamagotchi like pets, progress quest and a few other things to create something horribly unique. Stargotchi is a small application that is designed to run over your other projects and work. It operates in a similar fashion to a virtual pet, except it isn't one. The "pet" is in fact a star ship, accompanied by your captain. You start with a small shuttle, and your captain will gain ranks to get bigger and better ships. There is going to be tons of variety in the ships- start from X-Wings, TIE fighters, Star Trek shuttles and move to Star Destroyers, Death Stars, Galaxy class cruisers, and tons of other ships. There will be combat, training and basically it will operate like a virtual pet- except you maintain a dynamic starship. Sound weird? Sure, only time will tell if the concept works.

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