Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Apocalyptic 0.22 Changelog

Finally up to date again- here's the 0.22 changelog. 0.23 SHOULD be downloadable... it is meant only for testers, but others can have a look too. Don't download it if you're expecting a full game though. :)

Changes (0.22):

- Lowered map size down to 6500x6500.
- Added Barricade block model and object.
- Added Barricade visual to Build Menu.
- Changed Pre-Set Wall Blocks to switch to Game Grid on start, meaning the player can build in line with them.
- Added Blood effect on Bullet Hit.
- Heavy modification of default Road graphic.
- Adjusted default resolution to 1024x768.
- Adjusted HUD objects to fit within new resolution.
- Massive improvement to Civ AI. It now is capable of much more accurate pathfinding and can walk through houses without much issues.
- Disabled Solid property to Trees and Crates. Improves AI a bit- they no longer freeze the game trying to find a way past them.
- Improved Civilian AI- they now move seperately, rather than waiting for a global timer.
- Added Civilian AI failcheck- they now choose another path to another location if they fail to find a path to their original destination.

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