Monday, May 7, 2012

REMIX Update

I've put alot of effort into turning REMIX into the best looking space game I've ever made. One aspect that is still lacking is the background, which is a simple blurred image, but as soon as I figure out an alternative I'll be on it.

So far, I've finished the basic AI for both sides. Each side has a few ships programmed so far, the Alliance having;

- Corvette: A fast, single turret ship carrying a deadly Vorak Cannon.
- Frigate: A ship designed to combat the Orizon warships, armed with two railguns and a Vorak Cannon.
- Gun Frigate: A weaker ship armed with several railguns, however is weak against Orizons.

The Orizons themselves have super heavy ships, boasting weapons that tear through Alliance ships quickly.

- Raider: Comparable to a corvette, the raider is fast and armed with a Orizon pulse laser, able to take on Gun Frigates with ease.
- Frigate: The Orizon frigate is armed with three heavy laser cannons and a beam cannon, and is a deadly opponent. Not many Alliance ships can fight this one, and generally a small fleet is required.
- Beam Frigate: The beam frigate carriers two beam cannons, giving it excellent fire support capability. It is designed to take out smaller vessels with a single salvo. It's downside is that it is slow.

Corvette/Raider AI works, as they tend to continually move through a firefight (as they still utalize forward mounted weapons) while capital ships such as frigates stop after reaching and enemy and trade fire. Capital ship combat will be all about who has the biggest shields.

Right now I'm working on creating a new system for universe generation. Instead of simply spawning planets randomly about the map, I've decided to go for something experimental and generate planets within systems, with suns. It will provide more realistic gameplay, and will add extra elements like in-system combat and the long distances between the solar systems.

After that, I'm going to attempt to create ships and AI that attack other worlds, which will create a much more dynamic universe.

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