Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PWII - Pixel Space

Technical Byte Games is proud to announce Pixel Space! Pixel Space takes what was awesome about Minecraft, Terraria and Blockade Runner and combines it into one!

- Build a unique starship out of many types of blocks, hulls and unique objects!
- Awesome pixel art platformer awesomeness!
- A large sector with different asteroids, planets and other surprises to find!
- Alien lifeforms- will you blow the crap out of them, or become friends?
- Unique damage systems- watch as chunks get blown out of ships, crew members get vaporised and large death dealing holes become your nightmare.

A very early in development screenshot. Notice the missing face.
Pixel Space is well under development, and should be ready for a basic Ship Builder test soon. In fact, we should have Apocalyptic v0.14 and Pixel Space ready at the same time!

The first public version of Pixel Space will simply be titled Ship Builder, which will have most of the game objects and a building system implemented, but with no costs or other gameplay elements. After that, Pixel Space will go into beta and we'll start adding the rest of the features!

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