Monday, April 2, 2012

Pixel Space update 3/4/12

I've been working on Pixel Space for the time being, because I'm trying to have equal progress between it and Apocalyptic. Pixel Space has had some good progress though.

- Added new Info Text for all existing items.
- Added the prototype of the Starbase the player will start at.
- Added the prototype Small Thruster, which handles ship speed.
- Added Generator and Power Distributor.
- Added Power Levels. (Required for objects)
- Fixed one problem where the blocks could dismantle themselves.

There is one problem I've been working on, and it's proving difficult. The ship sometimes "muddles up", where the blocks do not align properly during flight. The game is designed to fix that after flight, but sometimes it doesn't work and if it goes too far, the blocks jump into new positions due to the primitive grid that I am using.

Finally, more of a thought; I'm thinking after I finish Pixel Space I'll go onto Star Pixel, which will be the same game except edited into topdown veiw. This will allow AI, boarding, fellow crewmembers etc. Might even add some simple 3D.

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